Camponotus nicobarensis


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Camponotus nicobarensis  is an Asian ant species which does not require hibernation due to their hot habitat. They are a lovely coloured ant very similar to Camponotus habereri. Contrary to typical Camponotus species,  Camponotus nicobarensis  have a relatively fast rate of brood development. A very fast moving and active species of  Camponotus. Workers can reach up to 12mm in length, these particular workers are called Major workers and can be distinguished by not only their size, but also their large heads and jaws. The smaller workers are called Minor workers and make up the majority of workers in the colony.

They would benefit from having a low power heating source to speed up brood development.   The nest ideally should have both a dry and moist area.

Camponotus nicobarensis is a good, hardy species suited to beginner ant-keepers who are wishing to try exotics as part of their next ant species.

This is a great first exotic species of ant to keep.

Latin Name:  Camponotus nicobarensis

English Name:   

Rearing Difficulty:  (1=Beginner, 5=Expert):  1-2 Easy, A good escape preventative should be applied

Temperature: Arena,  21-35 °C

                             Nest,    24-28 °C

Hibernation:  No.

Humidity: Arena,  30-50%

                      Nest,  50-70%

Diet:  Sugar-water, Insect protein, Honey-water, Flies, Crickets, Cockroaches

Length/Description: Queen,  15-16mm long, Red to Dark Brown colouration  around the body depending on origin of the Queen.

Length/Description: Workers,  6-12mm, Red-Brown to Dark Brown    colouration around the body.

Nest Suitability:  Ytong / Acrylic / Glass / Plaster.

Queen Starting Out:  Claustral (without feeding).

Development of Worker:  4 weeks from egg to worker.

Colony Size:  7,000 workers.

Life Span of Queen:  25 years.

Distribution:  Asia, South East Asia,


These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild. Please contact AntsMynala if you no longer wish to keep them and we will arrange for them to be collected from you at no cost.


Additional information

Colony size

Queen + 1 – 5, Queen + 6 – 10 workers, Queen + 11 – 20 workers, Queen + 21 – 30 workers, Queen + 31 – 40 workers, Queen + 41 – 50 workers


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