Camponotus turkestanus (Black/Gold)


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Camponotus turkestanus is an Asian species of  Camponotus  which does not require hibernation due to their warm habitat. Not often seen on sale so are relatively rare.   Each colony varies in colour, so sometimes the workers may have slight black colouration on their bodies, but workers from another colony may be completely golden yellow. Camponotus turkestanus  can produce major workers which are almost as large as their Queen. This is a hardy species of  Camponotus that is relatively easy to keep.

The nest should have both a dry and moist area. This species of ant can be kept at room temperature, however an additional heat spot is recommended. In nature the Camponotus turkestanus only has one Queen per colony.

Latin Name:  Camponotus turkestanus

English:  Black/Gold Camponotus

Rearing Difficulty (1=Beginner, 5=Expert):  2 Will appreciate a small heater mat.

Temperature: Arena,  18-28 °C

                             Nest,  24-28 °C

Hibernation Required:  No

Humidity: Arena,  30-50%

                      Nest,  50-70%

Diet:  Sugar-water, Insect protein, Honey-water, Flies, Crickets, Cockroaches

Length/Description: Queen,12-15mm Long, black head and thorax with golden yellow legs and abdomen

Length/Description: Workers,  6-15mm Long, mostly golden yellow bodies, majors have black heads, high colour variation in each colony.

Nest Suitability:  Ytong / Acrylic / Glass / Soil

Minimum Tube / Connector Diameter:  9mm

Colony Size:  ?200-500 workers

Life Span of Queen:

Distribution:  Asia, Northwest China,  Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,

These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild. Please contact AntsMynala if you no longer wish to keep them and we will arrange for them to be collected from you at no cost.


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Queen + 1 – 5 workers


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