Carebara diversa (Pheidologeton diversus)


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Carebara diversa (Pheidologeton diversus)
Carebara diversa is an Asian species which does not require hibernation due to their warm habitat.  An interesting Ant due to having the largest size difference between the Major and the Minor workers.  A very aggressive species of Ant which will attack anything that enters their territory.  Carebara diversa will send out thousands of workers to swarm and over power their prey.
Carebara diversa can produce workers who measure as small as 2mm in length and as large as 15mm.  In nature Carebara diversa can have more than 1 Queen in a colony, numbering over 10 Queens.

Latin Name: Carebara diversa

English Name: Asian Army Ant

Rearing Difficulty: (1=Beginner, 5=Expert): 4, Grows very large in numbers, good measures of escaping proofing required.  Will required a heat source.

Temperature: Arena, 25-28°C

Nest, 28-30°C

Hibernation: No, It is suggested to lower the temperature for 2-3 months during the winter to 17-20°C

Humidity: Arena, 50-70%

                  Nest, 60-80%

Diet: Sugar-water, Insect protein, Honey-water, Flies, Crickets, Cockroaches, Seeds, Fruit

Length/Description: Queen,  20-25mm long, Reddish Brown to Black

Length/Description: Workers, 2-3.5mm long, Reddish Brown to Black

Length/Description: Soldiers, 9.5-15mm long, Reddish Brown to Black

Queen Starting Out: Claustral (without feeding).

Development of Workers: 28-45 days

Nest Suitability: Ytong / Acrylic / Glass / Soil / Plaster

Minimum Tube/Connector Diameter: 9mm.

Colony Size: 20,000 – 50,000 workers

Life Span of Queen: 

Distribution: Asia, Thailand, Indonesia

These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild. Please contact AntsMynala if you no longer wish to keep them and we will arrange for them to be collected from you at no cost.

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Queen + 51-100 Workers


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